Movement 9

Movement 9: The Dream

Theme: Comfort


Last night, just as I was falling asleep,
an old friend appeared before me.
I saw her there,dressed in rags,
her face thin and worn.
She looked at me with such sadness.
Anne, why have you deserted me?
Help me, help me, rescue me from this hell!

She symbolizes to me
the suffering of all my friends,
and all the Jews.
When I pray for her,
I pray for all those in need.

Merciful God,
comfort her,
remain with her so she won’t be alone.

Dear God,
watch over her and bring her back to us.


Think of all the troubles in your life. Who is usually the one to comfort you?

Theme in other Musical Examples:

Sam Smith – Stay with Me:

Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water:

The Beatles – Yesterday:

Bridge Concept:

Have you ever felt a moment where you needed comfort from all the fears and troubles occurring in your life? Does it feel that nothing is going your way and your “world is ending”? Have you needed to seek comfort in a person or higher power? This is how Anne felt for herself and those who were suffering.

Examining the Theme and Historical Context through the Text/Music:

At the beginning of the movement, the piano continuously plays a minor third softly as if it is a lullaby, entering into the moments before slumber. The solo soprano sings “Last night just as I was falling asleep, an old friend appeared before me” signifying the beginning of the dream. The old friend, a woman that Anne encounters in her dream represents her friends and all of the Jews who are suffering. The woman cries out to Anne asking why she has deserted her and exclaims: “Help me! Help! Rescue me from this hell!” The woman is looking to Anne for comfort and refuge from her suffering. This portrays Anne imagining her people in hardship, praying for help from their pain. Anne is also searching for her own comfort from God who she begs to keep the woman in her dreams—or in reality, her people—safe and sound.

The world, as Anne knew it, was coming to an end and as she dreamed she was able to see that her world was coming to in the girl she saw. With all of these emotions Anne had to find some sort of comfort in some type of being. Anne believed only God could help her. She prayed that one day all the terror would be over.

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