Your New E-Board!

The votes have been tallied and…


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Congratulations to our newest Executive Board Members!

– Vice President: Allan Daleus

– Treasurer: Stephanie Marshall

– Secretary: Emma Patrimonio

– Social Media Coordinator: Justina Rosemarie

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Thank you to everyone in the Cali School Community who voted! And a special thanks to everyone who ran for office!

Shout out to our professional advisor, Dr. Silverman, for verifying the votes!

Also huge shout out to our 2018-2019 president Martha Wachulec!!



E-Board Elections are now LIVE!

Deadline: Monday, May 7th, 11:59PM

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Learn about the candidates HERE:

Cast your vote HERE:

Valentine’s Day Fundraiser!!

Hey everyone!

This week starts our fundraiser for Valentine’s Day!

Do you want to send a special someone in the Cali School a gesture of friendship or love during the week of Valentine’s Day?

Have candy or a carnation delivered to them!

OR send them a Sax-O-Gram where someone from the Cali School will come and serenade them with wonderful music.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these gifts, come to Cali’s Main Lobby this Wednesday at 1PM (02/07) to buy them.

Or fill out this form Here!

We accept cash AND credit card!

Workshop next Sunday! 1/21/18

Come find out how to build meaningful listening lessons around themes of social justice. Active music making strategies as well as technologically-based projects for general music 5 – 12..

This is the second workshop in a series of Sunday workshops for general music teachers, from 1 – 5 pm in Chapin Hall, room 330. Please register using this link and pay at the door:

Click here!