Workshop next Sunday! 1/21/18

Come find out how to build meaningful listening lessons around themes of social justice. Active music making strategies as well as technologically-based projects for general music 5 – 12..

This is the second workshop in a series of Sunday workshops for general music teachers, from 1 – 5 pm in Chapin Hall, room 330. Please register using this link and pay at the door:

Click here!


November Monthly Musicing!

Let’s be thankful for the rich music, art, and walks of life that our world cultures have to offer – not just during this month, but every month!

Please enjoy our FOURTH installment of Cali Monthly Musicing. This month’s feature: The Songs of Our Culture!

*** Thank you to all the music majors and faculty that shared their submissions with us! ***

Check it out HERE!

OR come listen to it with friends at our upcoming International Potluck event, happening on December 6th! Stay tuned for more information.

Just like that, summer is over and September is here! And with that a new installment of Cali’s Monthly Musicing!

This month’s feature: Full-Time Faculty.
Check it out here:
We hope you enjoy! Feel free to discuss anything featured in the playlist down in the comments. And stay tuned for next month’s feature! 🙂
Happy Musicing!