American Orff Schulwerk Association Conference – Nov 2-5

For anyone interested in Orff Schulwerk, the American Orff Schulwerk Association is holding its national conference Nov. 2-5 in Atlantic City!

You can sign up to volunteer HERE

Check out NNJOSA! They hold monthly workshops at William Paterson University, which are free for students!
Here’s the schedule of workshops (All Saturdays):
-Oct. 15th: Traditional World Dance and Rhythm Games with Debby Szjanberg
-Nov. 19th: AOSA Conference Sharing
-Jan. 28th: Chapter Sharing
-March 11: Playing with Possibilities: The Power of Choice in the Orff Schulwerk Classroom with Roger Sams
-April 8th: Integrating Popular Music Into Orff Schulwerk with Martina Vasil